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Vienna ranked best city to live for 10th time

According to Mercer’s 21st annual Quality of Living survey 2019, capital of Austria- Vienna has topped the ranking among 231 cities for 10th consecutive year. Seven Indian cities have featured in this list.

Quality of Living survey 2019

  • Top 10 Cities: Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), Vancouver (Canada), Munich (Germany), Auckland (New Zealand), Dusseldorf (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany), Copenhagan (Denmark), Geneva (Switzerland) and Basel (Switzerland).
  • Bottom cities: Baghdad ranked last, followed by Bangui (Central African Republic), Sanaa (Yemen’s capital), Caracas (Venezuela’s capital).
  • Indian Cities in list: Pune (143), Hyderabad (143), Bengaluru (149), Chennai (151), Mumbai (154), Kolkata (160) and New Delhi (162).
  • Safest countries: Luxembourg was ranked safest city in the world. In 105th place, Chennai ranks was safest city Asia-Pacific region and Pakistan’s Karachi (226) is the least safe.

Mercer’s Quality of Living survey

  • It is conducted annually to rank 231 cities across the world by New York based global human resources consulting firm Mercer.
  • It aims to help governments and major companies place employees on international assignments.
  • It ranks cities based on factors such as socio-cultural environment, school and education, medical and health considerations, recreation, housing, economic environment, consumers goods availability, public services and transport, political and social environment and natural environment.
  • It also identifies those cities with highest personal safety ranking based which analyzes cities internal stability, crime levels, limitations on personal freedom, law enforcement, relationships with other countries and freedom of the press.

Ease of Living Index-India

  • The index conceived in June 2017 aims to help cities assess their liveability vis-a-vis global and national benchmarks and encourage cities to move towards an ‘outcome-based’ approach to urban planning and management.
  • It covers 111 cities that are smart city contenders, capital cities and cities with population of 1 million plus.
  • It captures quality of life based on data collected from urban local bodies on four parameters, which were further broken down into 15 categories.
  • The four parameters include
    • institutional (governance), 
    • social (identity, education, health, security), 
    • economic ( economy, employment) and 
    • physical factors (waste water and solid waste management, pollution, housing/ inclusiveness, mixed land use, power and water supply, transport, public open spaces).
  • Institutional and social parameters carry 25 points each, physical factors have weightage of 45 points and economic factors 5 points totalling to 100 mark scale on which cities were evaluated.
  • Index is released by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA).
  • Andhra Pradesh has topped Ease of Living Index rankings.

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