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The upgraded MiG-29, Indian Air Force’s beast, has gained in strength and ferocity. It has been a much-needed boost. The upgraded MiG-29 showcased its combat capabilities at Admapur, Maharashtra. MiG-29 is a Russian-origin aircraft, now capable of effecting mid-air refuelling, is compatible with latest missiles and can launch multi-dimensional attacks. 

It should be noted that the previous ‘legacy version’ of MiG-29 played an important role as the IAF stamped its supremacy over the Pakistani force during the Kargil War of 1999.


New features of MiG-29: 

♦ Mid-air refuelling facility that increases its range 

♦ It has the ability to launch the latest missiles and multi-dimensional attacks 

♦ It is capable to take off vertically

♦ It has the ability to take off possible within 5 minutes of spotting a hostile jet

♦ It is featured with the glass cockpit with ‘Multi-functional Display’ screens


The air-superiority fighter jet MiG-29 has gained in strength and ferocity after the latest upgrade, giving the Air Force that has been battling a shortage of warplanes a much-needed boost, officials have said.

Even in the previous legacy version, the aircraft played an important role as the Air Force stamped its supremacy over the Pakistani Air Force during the Kargil War in 1999.

Last week, the upgraded MiG-29 showcased its combat capabilities at Admapur Air Force Station. The country will celebrate the Air Force Day on Monday.

On September 12, Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said the force was reeling under a severe shortage of fighter aircraft. The IAF chief had said it currently has 31 squadrons of fighter jets against the sanctioned strength of 42.

The strategically important Adampur Air Force Station, 100 km from Pakistan and 250 km from the border with China, is now home to the upgraded MiG-29s.

The Air Force has three squadrons of MiG-29s, two of them at Adampur Air Force Station. One squadron comprises 16-18 aircraft.

Flight Lieutenant Kohli said the MiG-29 is a flexible aircraft and can take off almost vertically in full power. The upgraded MiG-29 can take off within five minutes of spotting a hostile jet trying to enter the Indian airspace and destroy it, he said.

With the upgraded version, the range of the aircraft has improved a lot. Moreover, in the legacy aircraft, we were restricted to the certain dimension, but we can now do air-to-air, air-to-ground and anti-shipping operation.

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