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  • Celebrated on March 20 of every year since 2010 to create an awareness regards the house sparrows.
  • This was initiated by The Nature Forever Society (NFS) in India in the collaboration with Eco-Sys Action Foundation from France.
  • Theme: I love Sparrows.
  • House sparrow is declared as state bird of Delhi. House sparrows found around the world, except in the Polar Regions.
  • IUCN Status: Least concern [LC].
  • On this day, initiatives of artificial home for sparrows were setup near some markets in Coimbatore and received a good response.

Reason for declining in the population of sparrows:

  • Loss of vegetation.
  • Sparrows feed on insects but these insects can’t survive as it was killed by the chemicals used in gardening.
  • Mosquito and insects repellents
  • Constructing high buildings.
  • Noise pollution and air pollution.
  • Electromagnetic radiation from the mobile towers, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Grains being stored in plastic bag instead of jute bag and also mixed by the pesticides. No food for sparrows as they depend on the grains.

The some major importance of sparrow is:

  • Ecological Balance: Every animal and plants in this world has its significance. The sparrow is a member of many food chain and food web. So as you know if you harm any food chain it will affect complete food web. So if you will not save sparrow it will disturb ecological balance.
  • Pollination in many plants: Sparrow helps in pollination in many plants. Pollination is a process by which the pollen grain of one flower reaches to stigma of other flower in sexual reproduction. So Sparrow helps in sexual reproduction in plants.
  • Reduce many diseases: Sparrow eats larvae of many insects and mosquitoes which causes many diseases like malaria, dengue etc. So sparrows protect us from many diseases which are life threatened.

Brings prosperity: Sparrows bring prosperity for us. We like to watch this small and lovable bird. Our children always want to observe this bird and always sing songs related to this bird to entertain themselves.


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