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  IAS - Topper Interview  
Name - V.R.Subbulaxmi
Rank - 147 Rank - Civil Service Examinations - 2008
Dateof Birth - 10.01.1980
Father’s Name & Occupation - D.VELIAH, advocate
Educational Qualification - M.A(economics)
Previous selections - TNPSC Group I – 2nd Rank
Optional Papers - Prelims: Geography
    Mains: Geography & Public Administration
Suggested Reading    
General Studies - NCERT (History, Polity, Geography); Atlas; Magazines- Chronicle
Optional Subjects -
Geography - Public Administration
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : To whom do you credit your success in CSE?
Subbulakshmi : Success in civil service exams can be attributed only to individual’s hard work and sincerity and perseverance. If we have a good team of friends our journey would be best of team work.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : What was your strategy for this examination?
Subbulakshmi : Plan your time and prepare well in advance. Last minute rush up will not help. Exhausts the syllabus don’t deviate from what is required for the exam.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : What is your opinion about the role of Coaching Institutes in the preparation for CSE? Do you think it is essential for CSE aspirants?
Subbulakshmi : coaching institutes save lot of our time.further attending test in institute will enhance our chance for success in this exam.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : What should be the criteria to select optional papers?
Subbulakshmi : Our abilty and interest regarding the subject,availability of coaching,material have to be considered while choosing optional.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : Besides textbooks, what newspapers and magazines should one read?
Subbulakshmi : The Hindu and magazines like yojana,kurukshetra,competitive wizard or chronicle.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : What about time management?
Subbulakshmi : Spend equal amount of time in optional and gs.that would work well.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : Tell us something about your CSE interview
Subbulakshmi : Interview  is for 300 marks.intensive preparation for interview at least for 2months would help one to fetch decent marks in interview.i secured63%marks in interview.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : What is the secret of your success?
Subbulakshmi : intensive prepn  and focused approach.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : Any ideas/suggestions you would like to give to the future aspirants.
Subbulakshmi : work in a systematic manner with well defined goal.NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
Shanmugam IAS  study circle : Your opinion  about our institution
Subbulakshmi : Shanmugam IAS study circle is known to me for the past three years and it also contributed lots for my success. I wish the institute to bring out more and more success, and reach great heights…….
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